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It’s one of the things we rarely think about when it comes to our oral health regimens, but the quality, type, and brand of toothpaste you use can actually have a noticeable impact on your oral health.

Using the right type will make a big difference in your overall oral health, so let’s look at how to pick the best toothpaste for your needs.

Aren’t they all the same?

While most brands of toothpaste will do a great job of cleaning your teeth (some pediatric brands have a high amount of sugar, which is obviously not good for your oral health) you can increase the efficacy of your toothpaste by paying particular attention to what you’re buying. Some are made to help with one oral health problem over another. So the short answer to this question is no, not all toothpaste brands are the same.

What should I buy?

Our team here at Prescott Dental Group in Prescott, Arizona, recommends that you buy a toothpaste that aims to solve the oral health problems with which you have the most trouble. For example, if you know you have problems with plaque buildup, you should buy a toothpaste that works to target plaque and help you keep it at bay throughout the day.

While it may seem a bit trivial to worry over the type of toothpaste you use, you’d be very surprised at just how effective the right type can be. If you want the recommendations of your dentist on the best toothpaste, or you have any other questions for our team, call us today at 928-277-4754. We can’t wait to help you out!