At Prescott Dental Group, we offer dental wax-ups to help you see what your smile could look like after completing a treatment. This convenient and simple technology is great for you and Dr. Mark Curtis and Dr. Edward Reifman to evaluate and confirm treatments before proceeding. To learn more about dental wax-ups in Prescott, Arizona, and to schedule an appointment with our dentists, please contact us at 928-277-4754.

Our dentists may utilize a dental wax-up if you are interested in a cosmetic or restorative dental treatment that will modify the appearance of your smile. This may include treatments and services designed to:

• Close gaps and spaces between teeth
• Change the shape of teeth
• Replace missing teeth
• Repair chipped or damaged teeth
• Smooth an uneven tooth surface
• Even out the gum line
• Adjust the positioning of teeth
• And more!

The dental wax-up helps Dr. Mark Curtis and Dr. Edward Reifman to visualize the final results of your treatment, and it can also help you, the patient, to better understand your treatment options and how your smile can look following the completion of treatment.

The first step in creating a dental wax-up is for our team to take an impression of your mouth. This allows us to create a model of your smile that can then be modified to reflect the ways you’d like to enhance your smile’s appearance. For more information and to set up your next appointment, please call us today.