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Have you recently or are you in the future in need of a tooth extraction? A tooth extraction is a process of surgically removing a tooth due to a variety of reasons, many of which are due to oral health and keeping your smile as functional as possible. However, an extraction means a period of recovery will be needed. Listed below are some important tips on how to heal your body when a tooth is removed:

– Your dentist has plenty of wonderful tried-and-true techniques for patients healing from tooth extraction, so take notice.
– Your dentist is available after your treatment phase should you need them for any reason regarding your recovery.
– Although facial swelling is common after a tooth extraction, ice packs and medications from your dentist can be used to help minimize the inflammation. Never go beyond the recommended dosage given by your dentist.
– Rest is of paramount importance after any surgery and tooth extractions are no different, no matter how minute it may seem. Get plenty of rest and avoid working out for a few days after the extraction.
– To avoid choking, do not drink or eat any meals until the anesthesia has worn off.

If you require a tooth extraction at Prescott Dental Group, simply call us at 928-277-4754 to schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Prescott, Arizona. Dr. Mark Curtis and Dr. Edward Reifman and our team look forward to repairing your smile.