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Tooth loss isn’t a pleasant experience, and it presents many issues when trying to figure out how to replace any teeth that you’ve lost. Aside from crowns, you’ll likely end up choosing between receiving dental implants or dentures.

Our team here at Prescott Dental Group in Prescott, Arizona has the expertise to help make either process a pleasant experience. So let’s look at why you may choose one procedure over another.


Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular, especially for those who have suffered from gum disease and ended up with tooth loss as a result. Implants look, function, and feel just like natural teeth, and the only person who can tell they’re not real is your dentist.
Implants, however, can only be inserted into people who have the necessary gum and jawbone health to support them. If gum disease or other factors have negatively impacted your jaw or gum health, you may need to choose dentures instead.


Dentures get a bad rap at times, but they are an effective way to replace missing teeth. While it may take some getting used to when wearing them, dentures do restore your smile, prevent any side effects from tooth loss, and give you your smile back.
Dentures do require more maintenance than implants, but it’s not much more than your normal oral health routine.

At the end of the day, dentures and implants are both great options. You and your dentist will work together to decide which procedure is best for you. If you need teeth replaced, call us today at 928-277-4754 to schedule an appointment.