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When an oral emergency takes place, the first few moments after an accident are crucial in ensuring your recovery will go along smoothly. It is important to stay calm and to not casually attempt to remedy the situation, no matter how small or minute it may seem. Listed below are some common oral emergency treatment techniques:

Are you suffering from an oral accident that has knocked a tooth out?
– If an oral accident has knocked a tooth loose, it may still be possible to save the tooth. Immediately place the tooth in a tooth-saving solution to avoid having the tooth dry out and crack. Sample solutions including Save-A-Tooth products and milk. Visit with your dentist to have the tooth delicately reinserted back into place.

Do you have an object stuck in your mouth?

– If so, never try to remove it by pulling or yanking it out, as this can easily damage your teeth. Also avoid using sharp objects to pry it loose, and instead try using interdental tools such as dental floss and water flossers to try to help dislodge the item before pulling gently to remove it.

Have you lost a dental filling or crown?
– If you have lost a dental filling, cover up the open area with a cotton swab until you can meet with your dentist for a replacement filling. If you have lost a dental crown, cover the exposed area with a cotton swab, preferably one dabbed in clove oil until you can meet with your dentist for a replacement crown.

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