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The biggest eating day of the year is swiftly arriving, and with it are some of our favorite foods. However, with how much food we tend to eat on Thanksgiving, it’s probably a good idea to take a second and look at what foods are and aren’t healthy for your teeth.

Your oral health isn’t something that can take a day off, which is why our team here at Prescott Dental Group in Prescott, Arizona, put this together to help you make the best choices while eating for your oral health.

Avoid the sugary sweets

Who doesn’t love cranberry sauce, right? The only problem is the high amount of sugar and how sticky it is. Both of those aspects make it not the ideal choice for your teeth, so as much as you love cranberry sauce you should either skip it entirely or eat a smaller amount than usual.

Eat the greens!

How often do you have greens served with your Thanksgiving meal? Items like a green bean casserole are great for your teeth, as vegetables contain certain ingredients that stimulate saliva production. Saliva is an active defender in the fight against plaque buildup and keeping your teeth cavity-free.

If you’re worried about making sure your Thanksgiving meal is tooth-healthy, or you want to get more advice on how to make better food for the holiday this year, give us a call at 928-277-4754.